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Mooring application

Application for a Mooring Licence

Prior to mooring your boat at Middlewich Wharf, it is required that you complete and return this form for our records. Please note that Middlewich Wharf shall not be responsible for any claim arising from the use of our facilities.

Completion of this application form does not guarantee or commit Middlewich Wharf to providing a mooring, the decision whether or not to grant a mooring at the wharf will be communicated to you within 7 days of completing this form.

Terms & Conditions

In applying for a mooring at Middlewich Wharf you agree to abide by the following terms / regulations and rules.


  1. Boats moored at Middlewich Wharf are not to be used as a permanent residence.
  2. All payments are payable 3 months in advance by direct debit.
  3. Boaters must provide the following documents along with their application (please email these to
    1. Vessel Insurance Schedule (including third party liability)
    2. Canal and River Trust Licence
    3. Boat Safety Certificate
  4. Dog owners must clear up after their animals and keep them under close control at all times.
  5. We reserve the right to move boats in the interests of economy of space or for repair work.
  6. Boats must not be sold whilst on the mooring without prior written agreement. If a boat is for sale whilst on the moorings, then it must be sold via Middlewich Wharf’s brokerage service and the appropriate selling fee paid.
  7. For sale notices must not be displayed in or on boats.
  8. The boater must give a period of two month’s notice or payment in lieu on vacating their mooring after any initial fixed term period has expired.
  9. Boats must not be double moored or moorings sub-let without the prior written permission of Middlewich Wharf, which will only be granted at our sole discretion.
  10. The moorer / boater must not do anything to cause nuisance or disturbance to other moorers or neighbours.
  11. The boater must not erect or place any items or fixtures at Middlewich Wharf without the prior written consent of Middlewich Wharf.
  12. The boater must make good at their own expense and to the satisfaction of Middlewich Wharf any damage caused to the mooring or facilities of Middlewich Wharf.
  13. Elsan is available from Middlewich Wharf at Canal Terrace on the towpath side (no additional cost). Pump out is available at the same location (chargeable per tank pumped out).
  14. No refuse facilities are provided and boaters must make their own arrangements for disposing of refuse off site.
  15. Fresh water is available to moorers at no additional cost.
  16. Parking is limited, available on a first come first served basis and a maximum of one car per mooring maybe on-site at any time. Please consult with us at Canal Terrace if leaving your car for a week or longer for direction on where to park.
  17. Any tradesmen working on your boat at the moorings must be approved by Middlewich Wharf prior to doing so. Approval is at our sole discretion and will only be so approved upon supplying us a copy of their public liability and or professional indemnity insurance as applicable.
  18. Generators and wind turbines are not permitted.
  19. The boater must remedy any breach of their obligations forthwith upon request to do so and in the event of serious persistent breach of such obligations, Middlewich wharf shall be entitled to cancel this agreement and the boater shall forthwith remove their boat from Middlewich Wharf without refund of any mooring fee paid and in default of doing so Middlewich Wharf may remove the boat the the cost of doing so shall be a debt due by the boater to Middlewich Wharf payable on demand.
  20. The boater must abide by the rules and regulations of Middlewich Wharf as issued from time to time.


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