Blacking, Dry Dock Work & Painting

The team at Middlewich Wharf have many years of experience working in the canal industry and lovingly taking care of and working upon customer vessels.
All aspects undertaken including full boat painting, stern gear, hull work, welding, over plating, blacking and much more

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Middlewich Dry Dock

All boats do and will require maintenance due to the nature of the hard life boats can encounter out on the cut.

Our experts in boat maintenance and restoration at Middlewich Dry Dock comprise a team of highly skilled craftsmen, dedicated to providing a first class service an high quality outcome for customers every time.

As a brief example we are able to quote for undertaking the following works, however if you require anything different then please do get in touch!:

Any thing from tunnel bands, gunwhale painting, roof painting right through to full Bare steel prep, window replacement, Cabin repaints, fabrication, signwriting and  complete restoration.

Post survey hull work including anodes, stern gear & chine  work, base plate and hull side repairs. Side door / replacement hatches, fabrication and fitting service.

High pressure washed and scraped, Two coats of International intertuff bitumen, two pack epoxy blacking also available.

Sign Writing

The art and design of Signwriting your narrowboat is something that is often deeply personal to each person, either encapsulating a wonderful memory, as a tribute or just as fun witticism or nod to the past. Whatever your desires it often completes a boat and we are happy to discuss your commissions and individual specification with you.

Full Boat Painting

Every boat started life as “show-room” new!  There’s no reason why your boat can’t be restored to it’s former glory or even receive a whole new look more to your liking.  When repainting a boat we take it back to metal and then build up with multiple coats of paint, finishing with designs of your choice such as coach lines, sign writing of any design you wish.

Special Commissions

Have something in mind a little different or unique?  We can fabricate most items bespoke to your plans, if you have any requests that deviate from traditional lines we would be more than happy to talk about undertaking the challenge with you.

High Quality Finish Everytime

We pride ourselves on a quality standard and finish to your project.

Whether your preference is for traditional, modern or quirky styles just let us know and we will make sure your project is finished to your specifications.

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