Boat Post

Liveaboard a boat and struggle to receive postal mail?


Apply for a c/o mailbox at Middlewich Wharf by contacting us today. 


Postal Mailbox Service For Boaters

A Middlewich Wharf C/O (care of) mail box allows you to have your post sent to the wharf and held in your dedicated mail tray awaiting your collection.


Ideal for those living aboard and continuously cruising or with within a marina without mailboxes.


Just £5 per month & available in 6 or 12 month blocks, when purchasing 12 months you receive 1 month free of charge.


To apply for a mailbox get in touch with us for more information.


Note: you cannot put the mailbox down as your “residential address” only a “correspondence” address, some official documents such as dvla v5 documents or driving licence require your residential address. Mail received by the Wharf outside of a subscription will be returned to sender.  Visitors seeking your whereabouts at the wharf will incur additional fees or suspension of service (e.g. bailiffs)


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